sonja weder and thomas schnider were born in switzerland and working in zurich.

their extensive travels around the world led them to India in 1990. they made their home in goa from where they run their interior decoration company 'sotodecor pvt. ltd.' india’s traditions and striking natural colors have influenced and contributed to soto’s creativity and designs. "funky yet functional" characterises the uniquely designed, custom-made furniture. sotodecor specialises in the design and manufacture of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted furnishings.

residential as well as commercial interiors are distinctive, refreshingly appealing and reflect an unique blend of function and decoration. sotodecor also undertakes innovative artistic projects and design consultations. ‘form follows function’ is a principle followed in modern architecture and industrial design. sotodecor applies this principle to furniture, but without sacrificing the value of ornamentation. each piece of furniture is singularly designed and handcrafted to serve a specific function but at the same time serve a decorative purpose too.

from furniture to lighting sotodecor plans and executes residential and commercial projects with tailor-made solutions for each unique setting and requirement.